Welcome to MacOCD.com

I swapped over to the Mac recently, in August 2008 to be more exact, and OSX has subsequently become somewhat of an obsession in my life. Whether it was the need to learn an entirely new operating environment very quickly that made me jump in deeply, or simply that researching just about every task I needed to perform would result in entirely satisfactory solutions using software that was logical, aesthetic, rewarding to use and entirely compatible with the way I think.

So I’ve embarked on this crash-course regime of learning, trying to acquire knowledge relating to every aspect of OSX. I’m researching the best system setup practices, software solutions, security & networking configuration. This site is intended as an “aide-memoire” where I can note down all that I have learned for later reflection. Hopefully my experiences will also be of some help other Mac users, not only fellow “switchers” but perhaps also some more experienced users who may still find things they may have overlooked or simply been unaware that further enhances the OSX experience.

This site is one of my current projects, learning to create a site on a Mac. After a brief play with Apples’s included iWeb I’ve elected to use Rapidweaver. I’ve never created anything other than a simple, static frames based website on the Windows platform so this is all new to me.

Please think of the currently state of this site as a place holder whilst I experiment and most definitely

“Under Construction”.

MacOCD is here(ish).